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What is CBN Oil?

While we often hear about the benefits of CBD, it is less common to hear about CBN. CBN is short for Cannabinol and is not found in a cannabis plant naturally. Instead, it is a byproduct created from exposing THC to heat and light. Recent studies have found that CBN has many potent properties and benefits, especially its sedative and sleep-promoting powers.
CBN can be applied and used in various forms, such as CBN oils and CBN gummies or fruit chews. It is always recommended that consumers purchase CBN from reputable companies that use only high-quality all-natural ingredients in their products. Ultimately, it may take some test runs to find which CBN form works best for you and which you prefer. Keep in mind that different forms of CBN will have different dosing recommendations. Whenever you try out a new CBN product, start in small increments to make sure it is right for you.

How is CBN Different from CBD

Although they are often confused for one another and can have similar effects, CBD and CBN are, in fact, very different. Their most notable differences are in their sourcing. CBD is found naturally in cannabis plants, while CBN is a byproduct of the cannabis plant that is obtained through the plant's exposure to heat and light over time.
Due to the more intricate process required to obtain CBN, it is not as widely or commonly available as CBD. While both CBN and CBD offer benefits to an individual's overall health, their effects can differ depending on what an individual is trying to address. 

What is CBN Used For?

There is a combination of anecdotal and scientific evidence of CBN used for a number of reasons such as its positive effect in relieving pain, reducing inflammation, appetite stimulation, and even as an antibiotic capable of fighting off even the most difficult of bacterias. However, CBN's most powerful properties and its most common usage are for its potent sedative and sleep-inducing effects. CBN has been attributed by many as an effective solution for insomnia, frequent waking, and other sleep-related problems. 

Benefits of CBN

CBN can be used to provide relief for a number of ailments and conditions, including:
  • Sleep Problems
  • Pain & Inflammation
  • Glaucoma
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Digestive Problems
  • Bone Loss or Bone Damage
  • Seizures
  • Body Pains

Where to Buy CBN?

CBN is not as easily or readily available as CBD. CBN is one of the rarest cannabinoids and requires a complex process to extract from the cannabis plant. While it may be more challenging to find and require some extra digging on your part, there are high-quality all-natural CBN products available such as CBN gummies and CBN oils by Noli Oil.
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