noli oil


CBD is a powerful plant extract that has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. CBD is one of at least 113 Cannabinoids extracted from a proprietary strain of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), not to be confused with the plant used to produce marijuana. CBD Oil with 0% THCis a non-psychoactive compound, which allows for use and relief anytime, without side effects or impairment.  

Many leading doctors, scientists, and experts in the field believe that combining CBD with the full spectrum of other naturally occurring Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids found in this special strain of hemp, may offer a range of measurable health benefits. CBD has demonstrable neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, and its anti-cancer properties are currently being investigated at many academic and independent research centers in the United States and worldwide.

How does it work? 

Our bodies have a vast network of receptors, called the Endocannabinoid System. Its purpose is to help us stay balanced, even when challenged by external factors and certain lifestyle choices. CBD and other cannabinoids fit into those receptors helping us stay in good health by supporting many of the body’s physical processes.

​Who can take it?

Studies show that CBD oil can be tolerated by most. Since the most common results of taking it are calm and focus; relief from exercise-induced inflammation; support for healthy sleep cycles; and relief from everyday stresses, anyone looking for balance in these areas might benefit from CBD oil. See the benefits page for more information.  And don’t forget about your furry friends!

What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD?

It is important to note that hemp oil (hempseed oil) and CBD oil are not the same product. Hemp oil is the oil extracted from hemp seeds and is generally used for cooking and as a dietary supplement. Hemp oil does not contain any CBD or other cannabinoids. CBD oil, on the other hand, is made by extracting the essential oils from the entire hemp plant and contains cannabinoids, terpenes and other active compounds.